Favorite Things From Comic-Con 2016!


Were you one of the hundreds of thousands who braved the 95 degree weather of San Diego to go to ComicCon 2016? If so, did you go as Harley Quinn or were you camping out for the Marvel panel? If not, here’s some things you missed:

  1. The Cosplay


Every year the cosplay is always the stand out. And every year its as though people are constantly trying to one up each other with mashups and takes famous characters and puts them in different eras. My favorite? Seeing people like Wolverine waiting in line for a cheeseburger just makes me happy.


Even Magneto braves the lines to ask a question at his favorite panel…


  1. The Exclusives


Everyone knows that part of the crowds are there for the exclusives. Those hard to find figures and collectibles. Its more than a hunt, now its just a mission. You have to get in a special line by a certain time so you can make sure to get it or just be happy to stand there in said line for at least two hours. Case in point, we stood in line for two hours that wound around the back of the convention center for a exclusive LEGO Minifigure (Captain America in Hydra to be exact). By the time we got up towards the front, we were told that they’d all be given away.


Before you scoff, check this out:



The real madness is at the Funko booth. Every year it gets crazier and now you have to request tickets online months prior just to stand in the line to see what they still have in stock.

funko booth

A close second was the Powerpuff Girls booth. If you love the PPG half as much as I do, you would have been just as excited to go get their daily pin (five different ones total) and a chance to get a free tshirt made with you as a Powerpuff Girl. I went first thing Saturday morning and saw there was already a line that they had capped. I was told to wait twenty minutes and I’d get a ticket. Once I got the ticket, I was told to come back in fifteen minutes. Which I did and got to stand in line for another twenty five minutes. By the time I was done, the wait time to get a shirt was a good 2 hours.

Its easy to get caught up in the excitement. And if you don’t’ believe me this is me with my limited edition Barbie Wonder Woman that I preordered months prior and still had to stand in line for an hour for.



  1. The Events.


You never know what you’re going to be in for. Sure there’s the panels, including the much fabled Hall H where to gain admission (especially to the big events like Marvel or Star Wars), you’ll need to spend the night outside the day prior. Once one Comic Con is over however, start checking for events for the next one.

The past two years, Conan has done tapings of his show from Comic-Con and he’s already announced that he’ll be back for 2017. The ticket lottery opened up a week before and where you immediately were put on the waitlist for any of the four tapings. We got Wednesday and had to like it. But its Conan. No one’s going to complain.


The best event was the Archer live reading done on a yacht. If you know the show, you know its irreverent tone and carefree approach to boundaries with time eras and rules of physics. So having it on a boat with the entire cast reading a classic episode with Christian Slater narrating was a real treat.



  1. Books!

publisher Comic Con

Books were everywhere this year, more than any other year I’ve been. There’s always been booths for a few publishers but I’ve never seen as many author signings and book event and panels than this year. Its an interesting switch and makes me wonder if people are craving something deeper out of  Comic-Con than superheroes, anime and big tentpole movie events. It’s a nice change up and I even got to meet Margaret Atwood out of it.

Margaret Atwood

So there you have it. Should you get the chance, you should go just to see what the fuss is about. And maybe I’ll see you around.

Probably in line.


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