Sami-Jo Interviews Sophie Saterlee from Soul Discovery

Hello Fabulous Fictionista fans. I’m here today with Sophie Saterlee, the protagonist of Soul Discovery, Soul Seer Chronicles, Book One by S.J. Cairns. If you haven’t read it, be wary of spoilers if you keep reading, but we’ll try and keep them to a minimum.

Sophie: *Whispers and fidgets* Does my hair look okay?

Sami-Jo: It doesn’t matter. It’s a blog. No one can see you.

Sophie: *Nods and breathes deep*

Sami-Jo: No worries, You’re good. OKAY, we’ll get started. Sophie…

Sophie: Yes. Yuppers. That’s me.

Sami-Jo: Um, yes it is. So we first meet you showing up to work and being yelled at by your boss, Drew.

Sophie: That prick! Oops. Shit. Am I allowed to swear?

Sami-Jo: I’m thinking you can’t help yourself.

Sophie: Can you blame me? The guy’s a taint-chewer. Thinks he’s the man because he owns a shithole bar? We’re downtown St. Catharines where there’s nothing else to do. No one cares.

Sami-Jo: So why do you work there?

Sophie: I thought you knew.

Sami-Jo: I do, but the people reading this might not.

Sophie: Oh, right. ‘Kay, well, you know the saying ‘If life gives you lemons’? Well, life gave me a craphat special, and since you can’t eat craphat soup without yaking, sometimes you need to wear the smelly craphat while trying to work towards a non-craphat life. I’m in school. Taking Psychology. We’ll see where that brings me, but I won’t still be at The Lush wearing Drew’s craphat.

Sami-Jo: *Blinks a couple of times* Craphat soup?

Sophie: *Nods* I don’t recommend it.

Sami-Jo: Alrighty. So about the…craphat special life gave you, have you seen Brock since he skipped town?

Sophie: Wha-? Serioulsy? You’re asking about him? *fidgets in chair, cheeks redden, crosses arms* I don’t want to talk about him.

Sami-Jo: Okay.

Sophie: I mean, he’s an asshole who…he’s an asshole. I’d sic Aunt Lacey on him if I thought he’d be sober enough to know why he was being fucked with.

Sami-Jo: Aunt Lacey then. Let’s move on to her and her Coven. How did you feel about the magic stuff when Kim first brought you to the meeting?

Sophie: *uncrosses arms, visibly relaxes* Ah, Kim blindsided me with that one. A coven? Daaamn. I’ve been neighbours with Kim for how long, and all of sudden I’m agreeing to a tea leaf reading, and end up at a coven meeting. Not my thing. At all. Well, it wasn’t my thing. Now I guess it is. But I didn’t think all that magic stuff was real. Annnd, it’s not.

Sami-Jo: It’s not?

Sophie: Nope. Not real. Just a bunch of us sitting around playing cards.

Sami-Jo: Cards? Like Rummy?

Sophie: Hmmm. More like high-stakes poker. Super high-stakes.

Sami-Jo: *leans in, drops voice* You know I know about the magic stuff, right?

Sophie: *whispers* They don’t. They’re not supposed to.

Sami-Jo: Well, they do.

Sophie: Shitsticks. Will Aunt Lacey see this? Of course she will! Probably knows I’m here right now. *whispers again* You know that woman can see things? Like in the future and shit? I’m so screwed.

Sami-Jo: Okay. Why don’t you tell us about your…poker games a bit more and how they helped with your dreams.

Sophie: Ah, right. My poker games. Well, Aunt Lacey’s poker games, like I said, high-stakes, she knows a lot of top-dogs who can help with my brand of dreams. One’s with a lot of darkness and confusion and…

Sami-Jo: Caine.

Sophie: Right. Caine. *cheeks flare again* He’s another…poker player…but he’s lost and it takes a lot to…get him back to the table.

Sami-Jo: He’s pretty hot.

Sophie: Ah yeah, yeah he is.

Sami-Jo: So is Donovan.

Sophie: *laughs* Not that you need to tell him. Donovan knows full well how hot he is. Guys with dimples usually do.

Sami-Jo: So which guy will you end up with?

Sophie: What?! Who said I’d end up with either of them? Just because I have a vagina doesn’t mean it needs to be filled.

Sami-Jo: I didn’t say your vagina needed to be filled, but if it’s going to be, either one looks equipped to do the filling.

Sophie: Eww. Can’t we get away from this metaphor.

Sami-Jo: *exhales with exhaustion* Fine. How about Kim. She was the one who brought you to the poker table. Do you have any anger towards her for doing that?

Sophie: Please. She saved my life. So did Aunt Lacey’s other…poker players. It’s fun and exhausting and fantastical and Kim was trying to get me to see all that. I needed a change from the craphat special and she gave me one. A huge one. Of course I can’t tell anyone about it and I’ll probably die and no one will know why, but whatever. You know…because of the high-stakes poker. People get really serious and some are sort of dangerous.

Sami-Jo: Right. Okay while why don’t we leave it at that so you can get back to your poker game or work. But first, when can everyone expect to see you and your poker game again? There’s a lot of questions left and at least a few who would like them answered.

Sophie: I’m told October of this year, but the writer running the game is dragging her heels.

Sami-Jo: Okay then! Fun times with Sophie Saterlee from Soul Discovery. You can find more about Sophie and her…

Sophie: High-stakes poker games.

Sami-Jo: High-stakes poker games at the following link. And I will see you next week.

Sophie: Bosco! Shit, sorry. He peed in your purse.

Sami-Jo: *sighs* Of course he did.



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