TFF Sami-Jo was Embarrassed to Write This

TFF Sami-Jo was embarrassed to write this…Is there anything you find embarrassing to write or even read? You look around at others in public when you’re scribbling something down or get to a steamy part of a book?

Share with The Fabulous Fictionistas so we know we’re not alone while we vlog this week on writing embarrassing things.

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-Love Sami-Jo



About S.J. Cairns

10348232_10152645223258488_36931222434326044_nS.J. Cairns is a lover of the supernatural and unknown forces and prefers the creepy side to mundane life. With a perverse sense of humour and an obsessive flare for profanity, S.J. combined her love of reading and the darker facets of her imagination to write Soul Discovery, the first installment of the Evolution of a Soul Seer Series, to be released by Booktrope Publishing in early 2016.

Fascinated by human behaviour and the determined will of broken souls S.J. is a natural social media junkie who feeds off rum, the flicker of candlelight, and creative inspiration from every likely source from music to art to photography.IMG_4157

As a romantic at heart, S.J. shares her outlandish ideas with her sometimes patient high school sweetheart and husband of 15 years and their two perpetually snoring pugs. All of which who do their duty to inject humour and laughter when in desperate need.

On any given Monday, you can find S.J. in her Ontario, Canadian home in the finest of PJ’s sporting horrendous posture writing flash fiction for the literary society Organic Coffee, Haphazardly or taping and re-taping a Youtube vlog. Visit The Fictionistas channel to find S.J. and four other Booktope Publishing authors as they chair dance, interview rapscallion pets, giggle, showcase their inner geek, and cheers with bottoms way up through reading, writing, and publishing advice.


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