Preacher, Canada, and Aliens…oh, and Hiddleswift, too.

Cait: I feel the need to start with gossip. Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift. As Tom Hiddleston is the spirit animal of several of us Fictionistas, I’m curious as to the reaction to “Twift”…or “Tuddles”…or “Swom.” “Swiddles”? “Tayddles”? Now, I’m just having too much fun and should be forbidden from giving pet names to couples.

I am proud to announce that I have watched my way through to Season 6 of Law and Order SVU. I am the Khaleesi of Law and Order SVU binge-watching. I cannot be stopped.

On the other hand, I did make it through several books: The Ugly Renaissance, Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge, The Lost Property Office, and Empire of Dust. Currently, I’m working on No Stone Unturned, and I’m also still making my way through A Brief (yeah, turning out to be not so brief) History of Seven Killings. About to pick a new nighttime nonfiction book, which is, sadly, one of my biggest treats, and I totally look forward to it.



Kim: I just got back from the vast uncharted wilderness of Canadaland where the people are polite (like, SO polite) and Verizon doesn’t work, so I am late to this important Hiddles-related news. As someone who has sung (possibly more loudly than her stepchildren would appreciate) Shake It Off in more than one grocery store, I am not opposed to TSwift on general principle. Will be back after perusing the Internets.

Edited to add: TSwift can be super shady, so this could be a ploy to get back at her ex, that DJ dude with the fake name no one ever heard of. On the other hand, who would turn down Hiddles? I’m awarding this one to TayTay. She’s six feet tall with perfect skin and can rock red lipstick, the girl is living her (and my) best life.

Also Cait thinks non-fiction tomes are a ‘treat’, as in she needs be ‘treated’ for whatever sort of mental aberration brought this on. (Exceptions granted for really juicy bios of antique female leaders ie: that one about Cleopatra was pretty cool.)

Still watching: Preacher. It’s SO GOOD.

Should be watching: Orphan Black. We have the whole season just sitting there, seestras.

Admit to watching: American Ninja Warrior. The hosts get absolutely GIDDY when someone does well, plus the women are kicking ass this season.




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How we all felt when we first heard Swiddleston had happened…

Genevieve: As one of the Fictionistas who has Tom Hiddleston as their spirit animal, I cannot express enough my surprise over “Swiddleston.” Before I cried, I first laughed. Why? Because my friend’s all know I have a rather strong dislike of all things Taylor Swift, and I couldn’t get over that of all the celebrities in all the world Taylor Swift would date Tom Hiddleston. He was special, Taylor! Now you ruined everything!

*cough* Ehem….continuing on.

This month I deserve a prize. I actually didn’t watch anything with Mr. Hiddleston. Can you believe it? I couldn’t! I’d been going strong since February.

Instead, I spent my time being unfaithful with another Tom…Tom Hollander in Doctor Thorne. Simply put, it. was. AMAZING. I loved everything about it, and Julian Fellows (of Downton Abbey fame) did a wonderful job adapting the novel by Anthony Trollope to film. Stuffy victorian manners, voluminous gowns and plenty of men with sexy sideburns. My only complaint is that it was just a four part series. I need more.

Doctor Thorne ITV

Daphne: I don’t know about you guys but this month blew by so quickly. Crazy busyness at work, wedding planning, but sure, I’ll weigh in on the Hiddleswift madness. Neither carry any emotional weight but I do predict Taylor’s album about the relationship (I predict it to be titled Hiddlesongs) will win all the awards and by that point no one will care.  

I’m behind on PREACHER, but Kim’s right. It’s amazing and great and it got renewed for Season 2! I finally got to see what the buzz is about Mr. Robot – and its all true. Probably the best acted drama there is, which is an amazing feat for a show that stars Christian Slater (although the 14 year old in me rejoices and brushed off the Christian Slater in Robin Hood: Prince of Theives shrine). The end of Season 1 set up tons of stuff and not as gracefully as I’d like, but I’m glad to have a new show to follow. Also for you fans of weird and nonconvential humor out there, Rick and Morty Season 2 got put up on Hulu so I binged on that this week. It’s brilliant, truly brilliant.

Know what’s not brililant? Independence Day: Resurgence. Granted, I fell asleep during the big battle scene at the end, but woke up to see the Alien Queen get shot down and have her pink tongue loll out of her mouth, which made me think about that as the film’s key image as I left the theater. Not sure if that was Roland Emmerich’s hope but there it is.  And yes, Finding Dory is just as lovely as everyone says and Central Intelligence is about what you’d expect.
Book wise, I finished The Nightshade Lounge, Heart Shaped Box and just started The 13th Continuum. For some reason, it’s taking me longer than usual to finish books. I guess I could blame Taylor Swift.


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