What Was I Thinking?

Oh there are so many things I’ll never do again! One of the perks of being of a ‘certain age’ is you completely run out of fucks to give! Tra-la! That’s right, I just swore on my web site!

Okay, let’s get to it.


That hairdo. (HAIRDON’T AMIRITE?)

I'm the one on the right.

I believe one refers to that thing as a quasi-symmetrical bleach-blonde semi-mullet, or as I now like to call it, Day-Shift Hooker. I actually paid someone to do that to my head. In my defense, the 80’s, man. Also in my defense, you may have gone blind looking at my brother’s shirt, sparing you the sight of my ‘do.


I’ve been with my husband, The Prince, for 13 years and we’ve been married for 6. If anything ever happens to come between us, my cats and I shall take to the sea.

I am already dressed for my new life at sea.



This is an easy one, since no one in my life would even DREAM of suggesting I go camping. If I am lying under a tarp on the cold, cold ground, something has gone terribly wrong and probably either FEMA had to step in or the White Walkers are on their way or both. As I’ve said, to me, ‘roughing it’ means ‘no room service.’ This goes hand in hand with something else I don’t plan to ever do again…

Any Event That Has Me Standing In the Middle of a Field

I’m talking all-day music festival, theme park, water park…really, anything with ‘park’ in the name where you have to stand in line and the bathrooms are suspect.*

(I don’t have any pics of me doing either of these activities for obvious reasons.)

Launching a Debut Novel

This really works out, because I got to practice twice! My book The Sand Prince is now available for the third and final first time!



*I’m not including Ren Faires in this list because I was invited to sign books at the Maryland Ren Faire in October and they are lovely people, the bathrooms are like something out of First Class on Air Emirates and the weather will be perfect. See you there!

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