June Roundtable: Gilmore Rules, Hiddleston-bum, Preacher Faith

What happened this month? Sami-Jo tugs at our heartstrings with the good old days of the Gilmore Girls. Genevieve indulges in gratuitous Tom Hiddleston viewing. Kim breaks up with Once Upon a Time but starts dating Preacher, little knowing that Daphne is dating Preacher, too. Cait reports from under a rock and is still several years behind in pop culture.


(Way too excited about things)

Obsession of the month? Gilmore Girls!

Once the news of a reboot came out I was giddy. Squeeing like a child and asking if it’s ready yet. Now? Now? How ‘bout now??? *big pouty lip*

paste-tv-gallery-memes-gilmore-girls-hey-girl-rgNot only is the relationship between Lorelai and Rory reminiscent of my own with my mother, their witty banter is something to marvel at and gave me boost in the energy of my dialogue.

I’m on the episode of where the grandfather – Richard – is in the hospital. “Pain is a part of life” he says and becomes the coolest grandpa ever and narcolepsy boy – Dean – is apologizing after he and Rory slept together in the most sexless way. Jared Padalecki is so skinny and little compared to in Supernatural.

“Oi with the poodles already!” How can people hate this show?!?

Oh! And the fashions of the early 2000’s.  Fuzzy things, crop tops, plastic purses, plastic everything. It’s making me miss my purple blow-up couch.

“It was a mistake.”

“This is what you call a mistake?”

“Well, I tried to call it Al but it wouldn’t answer to me.”

Oh! (again) Just had a young and still handsome cameo from Brandon Routh – Superman – where he says “Hey look, we’ve got fans.” You’ve got a shit tonne of fans now Brandon.


(Will someday not watch something with Tom Hiddleston)

night manager

Photo of Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager courtesy of the BBC.

I’ve been primarily watching Once Upon a Time and The Night Manager. As I gave such a thorough thrashing to OUaT last month, I feel I should give it a rest to mend its wounds and turn my attention to The Night Manager.

What can I really say about this show? It has Hugh Laurie, Tom Hiddleston, gorgeous settings and enough suspense to keep my palms sweating. Also, #HiddlesBum. *cough* Ehem…

On a serious note, I really appreciate the show making the effort to film in the actual locations the book by John LeCarre features. We are immediately thrown into Egypt during the Arab Spring, whisked away to Zermatt, Switzerland and experience the beauty of Mallorca. London, Madrid and Istanbul  are also featured. This just adds to the lushness of the show and bringing you worlds you never would be able to see.


(Is so done with your shit, OUAT)

ouat memeSpeaking of OUAT, I won’t be any more. After watching the finale, I decided to break up with the show. It’ll just have to muddle along without me.

In other news, PREACHER. Who’s watching? I caught the premiere and was pretty blown away. (Confession: I did not read the series and knew almost nothing about the plot.) First, the damned thing looks gorgeous. The cinematography put me in mind of the Coen Brothers, and that is high praise. The vast Texas landscapes saturated with blues and tans, juxtaposed against the intentionally retro ‘outer space’ credits. Add in a heaping helping of awesome on the soundtrack (Johnny Cash!) and it all feels expensive, lush and fleshed out.

I read a little about Seth Rogen’s love for this project, and how he and his partner Evan Goldberg essentially threw out the graphic novel’s plot, kept the main characters and what he refers to in Vulture as the ‘id’ of the thing. If this had been a show about hyper-masculine superheroes using frankly dated profanity in the name of ‘cool’ I more than likely would have wandered off. But when the titular ‘hero’ Jesse Cutler (don’t really know yet) played by Dominick Cooper finds out an uncomfortable truth from a woman he thinks he’s helping, the shock and unease in his eyes is genuinely moving. He’s a person, not a collection of tropes.

(Speaking of, Dominick Cooper is easy on the eyes even when he’s covered in blood and breaking some slack jawed yokel’s arm in seventeen places.)

I haven’t even mentioned his bad-ass ex girlfriend who I am already crushing on, or his vampire pal Cassidy who I had to close caption because his Irish accent was so thick.

We have a strange relationship with faith on screen. It’s so intensely personal it’s easier to avoid it completely or play it for laughs. I’m curious to see what Jesse does with his new supernatural powers. We’ve already seen the law of unintended consequence played out in the pilot, to horrifying effect. I’m all in on this one, let me know what you think.


(Cautiously optimistic, ergo doomed to disappointment)

amcI watched Preacher’s premiere last Sunday and I’m definitely hooked. I can see why the original graphic novel has such a cult following – its got all these crazy weird elements that come together with solid story telling but it was a little raw and perverse for me. I’d heard that this was coming to television and I honestly couldn’t figure out how they were going to make it work. But they’ve simplified the story and focused the themes more on Jesse’s internal struggle and his desire to help the town.

The one thing that its loyal to is the tone. Its got that same gritty almost cartoonish look, that feels both real and opens the possibility that really anything can and will happen. Pilots are often tricky because they have the huge job of establishing character, time and place AND creating a story that will keep you back next week. So far, its off to a really promising start.


(Don’t even bother asking her about Game of Thrones)

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed

Image courtesy of Buzzfeed.

I continue to live under a rock. My current TV binge is all 17 seasons of Law & Order: SVU. However, Eric has been nudging me towards House of Cards, and I found myself unwillingly watching several episodes in a row and being angry and hooked.

Eric keeps trying to get me to watch Game of Thrones, but I refuse. Why? Because I know that I will become completely obsessed and disappear forever from humanity, lost eternally in a morass of Tumblr memes and fan fiction. Know thy limits.

I do want to get back and finish A Brief History of Seven Killings. Maybe this weekend will be a good time to unwind and read some of it.

Also, I randomly re-read Anne Rice’s The Mummy. Wow. Okay. It…is bad. And, it’s good. But the parts that are supposed to be good are bad, and the parts that are supposed to be boring filler are brilliant. The mummy, Julie Stratford, Cleopatra, and Alex Saverell are cartoonish and cliche. I found myself totally digging Elliot, Henry, and even Samir. The description and detail is great as always, and Rice is forever the master of writing

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