Now I’m Embarrassed

Confession time–I recorded this yesterday and promptly forgot to actually post it. Also I’m looking in to either getting a tripod for my camera or teaching the cats how to hold my phone up. (We were not having an earthquake while I was recording this video.)

Also, I wrote a second half where I talk about how telling readers that if they like books like Dune or are into Game of Thrones, they’ll like my book–that’s what I actually find embarrassing. I deleted it because I was too embarrassed. Now you know.

TFF Sami-Jo is a Social Media Stalker

Sami-Jo invites you to stalk those she stalks on social media as it’s less creepy with a crowd. Who do you social media stalk? The Fabulous Fashionistas need to know. Continue reading

Book Expo Unpacked – by Kim Alexander

When the Fictionistas returned to their home ports after a week of high intensity networking/drinking/complaining about the weather in Chicago, we all sat down at our respective computers and went through our swag hauls. There were a few surprises, a lot of great books, and some shame. SHAME.  (and narwhales.)