Can The X-Files fandom bring about a third movie?

Fandoms are a beast of passionate energy stretching borders, languages, genders, and generations. The X-Files has one such fandom.

What series creator Chris Carter began in 1993 has survived a time of hair scrunches and searching for Carmen Santiego and is breathing new life among today’s mainstream culture, finding its place where everyone is seeking for a shred of evidence to prove their personal experiences.

How many ghost hunter shows are out there? Leaks of top secret information? Corrupt politicians giving apologies? The quest for truth is endless and today’s technology grants for access to information in ways the 90’s hadn’t yet mastered. But the big question of “Are we alone in the universe?” is yet to be confirmed.

As advantageous goes, The X-Files couldn’t have returned at a better time.

With the pressure to connect original fans and new fans with the conspiracy theorist and scientist searching for the truth, I would make the bold statement in saying that they pulled it off.

(Please argue this if you disagree, I’d love to know why. No really, I won’t ignore you or disrespect your opinion. We are all fans here.)

Now that 5 episodes of The X-Files mini-series are complete and the trailer for episode 6 is released, the internet’s a buzz of theories, hidden proof, and pure desperation in hopes of the mini-series will lead to a third movie.

And why not?

Fans are slobbering at the thought of sitting in a theater for a few hours in hopes of having every X-Files related question answered. That, of course, will never happen, too many questions, but according to creator Chris Carter, if the proper elements align – budget, release date, and I’m sure support of the full cast – It could happen.

That maybe/maybe-not scenario is best left in limbo until after the mini-series has ended – no need to disappoint or piss people off just yet – but it begs the question of why they bothered to do 6 episodes at all if not to have some sort of follow-up? Be it making more episodes or doing another movie.

Having Mulder and Scully back is like having your coolest relatives in town for a visit, but it’s a short one, and in the end you wish they’d kidnap you and take you home with them. Fans don’t want a visit, they want a full-length vacation. They want time to get to know the people/characters. To pick their brains for get explanations their parents (um…writers?) refused to admit to before.


If they planned on teasing a nation with this mini-series and leaving fans blue-balled, then they’ve accomplished that already. No matter how the sixth episode ends, it won’t reveal everything.

Yes, of course, a new peek beyond the curtain is better than nothing at all, I’ll happily take it, but I know I’m not the only one who’s thinking the power of fandom must be able to make this happen. It’s occurred with other fandoms as we see shows like Gilmore Girls being revived or Supernatural hanging on for an eleventh season. If fans are happy and engaged, it translates money in the pockets of those involved in the project; win-win.

Is it possible? I definitely want to believe it is.

P.S. If there’s a petition floating around out there for a movie, someone PLEASE link it in the comments.


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